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These guys were scheduled to arrive at 8:30AM and showed up at 2:30PM and informed me that I had not packed enough and they would return the next day, since they claimed to be fast and didn't want to wait for me. The next day a different crew was scheduled for 9:30AM and showed up at 6:00 PM. We rescheduled for a third try. They arrived at 9:30 with a third guy and I was hit with extra fees for PUC, Workman's Comp., Double-Drive Time, etc., which would add an additional 25% to the bill I did not have time to get other movers at this point so we began. Every hour or two, the guys went for a "cigar" break. I would later find out that it was not really a cigar. Somewhere during the move, over $4000 worth of jewelry went missing, along with a prescription for Oxycontin from years earlier (and that's just what I know is missing so far). A few of the items are irreplaceable heirlooms. For example, one of the rings is (was) all I have left of my late father's possessions.

I emailed Melanie in claims who told me that it was "ridiculous" to think that employees would smoke pot right in front of a customer and that there was no "evidence" that a theft had occurred, despite a filed police report, which seems to be growing daily as I notice more missing property. You see, two of the three guys went with me to take a load to storage while a third stayed behind to pack up the cabinets and drawers. Four hours later, when we returned, he had only packed an eight-place set of dishes and some glasses. I paid $120 for him to pack up less than $30 worth of dishes! It appears that he was busy pilfering my property, rather than packing. I thought these guys were bonded and insured - I guess not.

The move appeared to be going in slow motion, I thought, as an attempt to pad the time but several furniture items were damaged along the way. I won't even know the full extent until I move out of storage. My solid oak dining room table was rolled from the truck to the storage room on its side across the asphalt. My dresser was turned on its side, with two of the top drawers full of items other than clothes. I don't even know what all might have fallen out. Certainly, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that you have to take the drawers out or unload them first. Surely, one could hear all of the property clanking around inside and falling out the bottom.

Although the Claims Department (there is only one person who seems to answer to no one) is looking into the extensive property damage, they are not even willing to investigate the theft and drug abuse, essentially calling me a liar. Not once did Melanie ever tell me that they would look into the matter but immediately went into "defensive mode." Not only was I grossly overcharged but violated, insulted, disgusted and angered at how this operation conducts business. In our last email, I was patronized by the comment, "I believe you believe everything you're telling me. That doesn't make any of it true or correct." It certainly does not make any of it not true either. In other words, I'm some sort of nut job making this all up. How in the #@%& do you know if you never investigate?!? No wonder these guys feel so free to get away with this. Perhaps, a few personnel changes should be in order.

I was told that this company makes 3000 moves a year and there are bound to be some complaints. Guess what Melanie, I'm only concerned with my move and the return of my property! How callous can one get? How can you defend a Better Business Bureau rating of "F?" I should have checked before the move...

It probably isn't a good idea to call your customer a liar and insinuate that someone is a "nut job."

Do yourself a huge favor and DO NOT USE STARVING STUDENTS MOVERS!!!

Review about: Starving Students Movers Moving Service.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Sacramento, California, United States #766138

They stole our safe and we lost 45,000 DOLLARS (estimated by our insurance company) and a loaded Colt 22 LR gun. But, they will be arrested soon.

They committed a FELONY. They slipped up.

They are going to jail and then we will be filing a major lawsuit against the owners. I fully intend on shutting this fraudulent, thieving company down!

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