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I scheduled Starving Students movers to come on a Tuesday. They said the availability was from 1pm-5pm.

That was great because I work graveyard and needed to sleep a few hours before the move. I had a contract and we had agreed on 2 guys and a truck for $110 per hour.

Moving day: 11:30am the mover calls to say he will be there in a few minuets. I asked them to wait another half hour because since they were early I had not gotten my dog to the day care yet. I gt back to my place at noon and the movers were there....well, not Starving Students, but a different company, with three guys.

(Not 2) I told the main guy that I had only wanted 2 guys and couldn't afford 3. He asked me what my budget was and that he could work with me. (RUDE!)

The move was OK and the guys did work hard.

They were done after 1 trip and I tipped them all well because they had saved me some money - Except I realized later they hadn't, they just wrote the invoice incorrectly. Since my budget was $500, including tip, and the bill said $350 at the end, I tipped each guy $50 so It was still $500 - Except there wasnot mention that this price was IN ADDIRON TO my deposit - So I ended up spending $600.00!

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