I contacted SS back in July to prepare for my Oct. move from CA to N AZ.

Each contact in between was very positive. The day before my move I contacted Dolores to let her know I had a few "odd" items that needed moving and to be sure they also sent a large truck as I had much more than anticipated. I had a glider swing that she said was a bulky item and would cost me an additional $175 (even tho my gun cabinet weighs 800 lobs) and it was not a "household item" even tho they moved my patio furniture and some lumber. On Tues.

(loading day) Cole called to tell me he would be about an hour late because he had to get a money order for something. That was ok. When they showed up it was with a 24' truck. I knew it was not big enough.

Cole did a walk thru and told me he did not think he could fit it all. At that point he should have called for a larger truck or rented a trailer as well. He and his helper did work diligently and consistently. About 9 hours into loading I was rushing things from the backyard to the front (yes, I had a helper that actually moved a lot of stuff to the driveway so they didn't have to) and was told there was no more room on the truck.

They had closed the door and I did not see inside. I had to leave thousands of dollars of things behind, some of them irreplaceable family mementos. My things were to be delivered on Thurs. in AZ and Cole was upset that he had a pickup in Phoenix on Thurs.

(about 5 hours from me) and wanted to deliver my stuff on Wed. I was not leaving myself for AZ until Wed. morning and told him to call me around 1pm to see if it would be possible. Before I crossed the AZ border around 3pm a SS truck passed me driving erratically and at a high speed.

I had hoped it was not my stuff. Around 4pm I got a call from Cole and he was near my new home and told me it was him that passed me and he was amazed I was still driving (I had a breakdown in Needles) and he still wanted to deliver that night. I moved to the country and up a hill and the roads are not good and there are no lights and I told him he was supposed to call me around 1pm for confirmation and he did not and he would have to wait until the next day as stated in the contract. I could tell he was upset, but that was not my fault.

They arrived shortly after 8am on Thursday. I took pictures when they opened the truck. There was LOTS of room left. The last items were just thrown in instead of stacked.

They could have fit most of the rest of my things. Every box was marked where it went in the house. Cole kept me busy with paperwork and contacting my bank to release funds from my debit card that were above my daily limit while his helper unloaded. The helper would periodically come in with a dolly full and show me one box (while I was on the phone) and I would point to the room and he would *** for that room with a silly smirk on his face.

They only took 2 hours to unload and when they left I was devistated to realize there were no kitchen boxes in the kitchen, pantry boxes in the pantry, and living room boxes in the living room. I walked into the 3rd bedroom only to find all the furniture was still shrink wrapped and piled against the far wall and the boxes were crammed in leaning over onto the furniture. The closets in both bedrooms were full to the top and they broke the shelf brackets by placing heavy boxes on them. In the same stacks of boxes were clearly labeled boxes - Kitchen, Trudy's, Shed, Office, Pantry, etc.

Outside (not in the shed) they left boxes that were marked for inside rooms. They also left my vacuum cleaner and carpet shampooer outside. I guess they were not labeled and they had no common sense that those were inside items. I had to postpone both my satellite and internet installations as I could not find my computer and tvs and still had to move boxes to arrange the furniture.

It took 3 days to find my clothes. A week later I am still looking for my microwave and most of my pots and pans. I still have not found my fridge drawers. Because the closets are so crammed I can not move boxes out.

I have to cut them open and remove the contents, then cut the box apart to get to the next one. I found out later that U-Haul provides the same service for less than half of what I paid Starving Students. I did rent a 14' U-Haul and hired their loaders and unloaders at each end. I did not know at the time they would have brought a larger truck and driven it to my new home for me.

After reading the other experiences of SS not compensating customers I am not too optimistic I will get compensation, but with my pictures of what was left behind and how much room was on the truck when they opened it I am thinking at least a Court will rule in my favor. In the meantime, I am going to spread the word on any social media I can that Starving Students is a rip off of a company and warn people not to use them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Starving Students Movers Moving Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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